Lifeboat Occupants

Useful sources for Titanic research.
Google can take one to many interesting Titanic sites. One we have found useful is Wikipedia ‘Titanic crew and passengers’.



An interesting sideline is the sinking of the Oceanos off the South African Wild Coast in August 1991, where despite the captain and crew deserting, over 300 passengers were saved. A useful blog is by Hill. A book about it can be found in

The most victims of a sinking was when the Wilhelm Gustloff was torpedoed in the Baltic by a Russian submarine in May 1945. Over 9,000 German refugees, mainly women and children, died.

Titanic Lifeboats

Collapsible Lifeboat A

Abbott, R Mrs 39 3rd

Abelseth, O J Mr 25 3rd

Jansson, C O Mr 34 Steward

Lucas, W Mr 34 Steward

Olssom, O W Mr 32 3rd

Rheims, G A L Mr 36 1st

Thompson, J W Mr 35 Stoker

Wennerstrom, A Mr 27 3rd

Williams, R N Mr 21 1st Sportsman

Collapsible Lifeboat B

Allen, E F Mr 24 Trimmer

Barkworth, A H W Mr 47 1st JP

Bride, H S Mr 22 Telegraphist

Daly, E P Mr 29 3rd

Dorking. E A Mr 18 3rd

Gracie, A Col 53 1st

Joughin, C J Mr 32 Chief Baker

Lightoller, C H Mr 38 2nd Officer

Maynard, I H Mr 31 Cook

Mellors. W J Mr 19 2nd

Moss, A J Mr 29 3rd

O’Keefe, P Mr 21 3rd

Sunderland, V F Mr 20 3rd

Thayer, J B Mr 17 1st

Collapsible Lifeboat C

Abrahim, M S H Mrs 18 3rd

Assaf, M Mrs 45 3rd

Ayoub Daher, B Miss 15 3rd

Baclini, L Mrs 24 3rd

Baclini, M C Miss 5 3rd

Baclini, E Miss 3 3rd

Baclini, H B Miss 9m 3rd

Badman, E L Miss 18 3rd

Bing, L Mr 32 3rd

Carter, W E Mr 36 1st

Chip, C Mr 32 3rd

Devaney, M D Miss 19 3rd

George/Joseph, S Mrs 38 3rd

Goldsmith, E A Mrs 24 3rd

Hee, L Mr 24 3rd

Hellstrom, H M Miss 23 3rd

Howard, M E Miss 27 3rd

Hyman, A Mr 34 3rd

Ismay, J B Mr 49 1st Owner

Lam, A Mr 38 3rd

Moubarek, O Mrs 24 3rd

Moubarek, G Mast 7 3rd

Moubarek, H G Mast 4 3rd

Mousselmani, F Mrs 22 3rd

Najib Kiamie, A Miss 15 3rd

Nakid, S Mr 20 3rd

Nakid, W Mrs 19 3rd

Nakid, M Miss 1 3rd

Nicola-Yarred, J Miss 14 3rd

Nicola-Yarred, E Mast 11 3rd

Nohman, V Miss 24 3rd

Peter/Joseph, A Miss 2 3rd

Peter/Joseph, C Mrs 24 3rd

Roth, S A Miss 26 3rd

Rowe, G T Mr 32 Deck

Salkjelsvik, A K Miss 21 3rd

Stanley, A Z E Miss 24 3rd

Touma, H Y Mrs 27 3rd

Touma, M Y Miss 9 3rd

Touma, G Y Mast 8 3rd

Collapsible Lifeboat D

Andersson, E A Miss 17 3rd

Appleton, C Mrs 53 1st

Backstrom, M M Mrs 33 3rd

Bjornstrom-Steffanson Mr 28 1st

Bright, A J Mr 41 Deck

Brown, C L Mrs 59 1st

Duquemin, J P Mr 19 3rd

Futrelle, L M Mrs 35 1st

Goldsmith, F J W Mast 9 3rd

Hardy, J T Mr 37 Steward

Harris, I Mrs 35 1st

Hoyt, F M Mr 38 1st

Hoyt, J A Mrs 31 1st

Jermyn, A J Miss 26 3rd

Kelly, M Miss 22 3rd

Lucas, W A Mr 25 Deck

Navratil, E R Mast 2 2nd

Navratil, M M Mast 3 2nd

Nilson, B O Miss 18 3rd

O’Driscoll, B Miss 27 3rd

Peter/Joseph, M J Mast 4 3rd

Thorne, G M Miss 38 1st

Woolner, H Mr 45 1st

Lifeboat 1

Collins, S Mr 35 Stoker

Duff-Gordon, C E Sir 49 1st

Duff-Gordon, L C Lady 48 1st

Francatelli, L M Miss 31 1st Secretary

Hendrickson, C G Mr 29 Fireman

Horswil, A E J Mr 33 Deck

Pusey, R W Mr 24 Stoker

Salomon, A L Mr 43 1st

Sheath, F Mr 20 Trimmer

Stengel, C E H Mr 54 1st

Symons, G T M Mr 24 Deck

Taylor, J Mr 24 Stoker

Lifeboat 2

Allen, E W Miss 29 1st

Boxhall, J G Mr 28 4th Officer

Cornell, M H Mrs 55 1st

Coutts, W M Mrs 36 3rd

Coutts, W L Mast 9 3rd

Coutts, N L Mast 3 3rd

Douglas, M Mrs 48 1st

Ellis, J B Mr 30 Cook

Johnston, J Mr 41 Steward

Kink, A Mr 29

Kink-Heilman, L Mrs 26 3rd

Kink-Heilman, L G Miss 4 3rd

Kreuchen, E Miss 29 1st P Maid

Leroy, B Miss 27 1st P Maid

Madill, G A Miss 16 1st

Osman, F Mr 28 Deck

Robert, E W Mrs 43 1st

Lifeboat 3

Anderson, H Mr 47 3rd

Anderson, J Mr 40 Deck

Binstead, W Mr 19 Trimmer

Burns, E Miss 41 Maid

Cardeza, C W Mrs 58 1st

Cardeza, T D Mr 36 1st

Daniel, R W Mr 27 1st

Davidson, O Mrs 27 1st

Dick, A A Mr 31 1st

Dick, V Mrs 17 1st

Graham, E Mrs 59 1st

Graham, M E Miss 19 1st

Haggan, J Mr 35 Stoker

Harper, H S Mr 48 1st

Harper, M Mrs 49 1st

Hassah, H Mr 27 1st Servant

Hawksford, W J Mr 45 1st

Hays, C J Mrs 52 1st

Lesueur, G J Mr 35 1st Servant

Lindsay, W C Mr 30 Stoker

Moore, G A Mr 32 Deck

Perreault, M A Miss 33 1st P Maid

Saalfeld, A Mr 47 1st

Shutes, E W Miss 40 1st Governess

Simonius-Blumer, A Col 56 1st

Spedden, F O Mr 45 1st

Spedden, M C Mrs 39 1st

Spedden, R D Mast 6 1st

Staehelin-Maeglin, M Dr 32 1st

Ward, A M Miss 38 1st P Maid

Wilson, H A Miss 31 1st P Maid

Lifeboat 4

Astor, M T Mrs 18 1st

Bidois. R Miss 46 1st P Maid

Bowen, G S Miss 45 1st Governess

Carter, L Mrs 36 1st

Carter, L P Miss 13 1st

Carter, W T Mast 11 1st

Chaffee, CC Mrs 47 1st

Chaudanson, V Miss 36 1st P Maid

Clark, V E Mrs 26 1st

Cumings, F B Mrs 35 1st

Cunningham, A Mr 35 Steward

Endres, C L Miss 39 1st Nurse

Eustis, E M Miss 54 1st

Fleming, M Miss 42 1st P Maid

Gieger, A H Miss 35 1st P Maid

H m l inen, A Mrs 23 2nd

Hemming, S E Mr 43 Trimmer

Hippach, I S Mrs 44 1st

Hippach, J G Miss 17 1st

Hocking, E Mrs 54 2nd

Hocking, E Miss 20 2nd

McCarthy, W Mr 47 Deck

Perkis, W J Mr 37 Qmstr

Ranger, T Mr 29 Greaser

Richards, E Mrs 24 2nd

Richards, W R Mast 3 2nd

Richards, S G Mast 9m 2nd

Ryerson, E M Mrs 48 1st

Ryerson, E B Miss 18 1st

Ryerson, S P Miss 21 1st

Ryerson, J B Mast 13 1st

Serreplan, A Miss 30 1st P Maid

Stephenson, M Mrs 52 1st

Thayer, M L Mrs 39 1st

Widener, E Mrs 50 1st

Lifeboat 5

Behr, K H Mr 26 1st

Calderhead E P Mr 42 1st

Cassebeer, E G Mrs 36 1st

Chambers, N C Mr 27 1st

Chambers, B Mrs 32 1st

Daly, P D Mr 51 1st

Dodge, R Mrs 34 1st

Dodge, W Mast 4 1st

Etches, H S Mr 41 Steward

Flynn, J I Mr 36 1st

Frauenthal, I G Mr 43 1st

Frauenthal, H W Dr 49 1st

Frauenthal, C Mrs 42 1st

Frolicher, H M Miss 22 1st

Frolicher-Stehli, M J Mr 60 1st

Frolicher-Stehli, M E Mrs 48 1st

Goldenberg, S L Mr 47 1st

Goldenberg, N Mrs 40 1st

Harder, G A Mr 25 1st

Harder, D Mrs 21 1st

Kimball, E N Mr 45 1st

Kimball, G Mrs 45 1st

Newsom, H M Miss 19 1st

Oliver, A Mr 27 Qmstr

Ostby, H R Miss 22 1st

Pitman, H J Mr 34 3rd Officer

Silverthorne, S V Mr 35 1st

Stengel, A M Mrs 44 1st

Taylor, E Z Mr 48 1st

Taylor, J C Mrs 49 1st

Warren, A S Mrs 60 1st

Lifeboat 6

Barber, E Miss 26 1st P Maid

Baxter, H I Mrs 50 1st

Bowerman, E E Miss 22 1st

Brown, M M Mrs 44 1st

Candee, H C Mrs 52 1st

Cavendish, J M Mrs 25 1st

Chibnall, E M B Mrs 48 1st

Douglas, M H Mrs 27 1st

Fleet, F Mr 24 Lookout

Hichens, R Mr 29 Qmstr

Icard, A Miss 38 1st P Maid

Leeni, F Mr 22 3rd

Lindstrom, S Mrs 55 1st

Lurette, E E Miss 59 1st P Maid

Mayn, B A Mlle 24 1st Singer

Meyer, L Mrs 25 1st

Newell, M Miss 31 1st

Newell, M A Miss 23 1st

Peuchen, A G Major 52 1st

Rothschild, E J A Mrs 54 1st

Smith, M E Mrs 18 1st

Spencer, M E Mrs 45 1st

Stone, M E Mrs 62 1st

Lifeboat 7

Bishop, D H Mr 25 1st

Bishop, H Mrs 19 1st

Blank, H Mr 39 1st

Chevre, P R M Mr 45 1st Sculptor

Crosby, C E Mrs 64 1st

Crosby, H R Mrs 39 1st

Earnshaw, O Mrs 23 1st

Flegenheim, A Mrs 48 1st

Gibson, P C Mrs 44 1st

Gibson, D W Miss 22 1st

Greenfield, B Mrs 45 1st

Greenfield, W B Mr 23 1st

Hays, M B Miss 24 1st

Hogg, G A Mr 29 Lookout

Jewell, A Mr 23 Lookout

Marechel, P Mr 28 1st Aviator

McGough, J R Mr 35 1st

Nourney, A Mr 20 1st

Omont, A F Mr 29 1st

Potter, L A Mrs 56 1st

Seward, F K Mr 34 1st

Sloper, W T Mr 28 1st

Snyder, J P Mr 24 1st

Snyder, N Mrs 23 1st

Tucker, G M Mr 31 1st

Weller, W C Mr 30 Deck

Lifeboat 8

Bazzani, A Mrs 36 1st P Maid

Bessette, N M Miss 39 1st

Bird, E Miss 31 1st P Maid

Bonnell. C Miss 30 1st

Bonnell, E Miss 61 1st

Bucknell, E E Mrs 59 1st

Cherry, G Miss 30 1st

Crawford, A Mr 36 1st

Daniels, S Miss 33 1st P Maid

Holverson, M A Mrs 35 1st

Jones, T W Mr 32 Deck

Kenyon, M Mrs 31 1st

Leaser, A Dr 49 1st

Maioni, R E M Miss 20 1st P Maid

Olivay Ocana, F Donna 39 1st P Maid

Pascoe, C H Mr 43 Deck

Pe asco y Castellano, M Mrs 22 1st

Pears, E Mrs 22 1st

Rothes, L M Countess 33 1st

Swift, M W Mrs 46 1st

Taussig, T Mrs 39 1st

Taussig, R Miss 18 1st

White, E Mrs 55 1st

Wick, M N Miss 31 1st

Willard, C Miss 21 1st

Young, M G Miss 36 1st

Lifeboat 9

Aubart, L P Mme 24 1st Singer

Brereton, G A Mr 37 1st

Buss, L Miss 36 2nd

Collen, S C S Mr 18 3rd

Haines, A Mr 31 Deck

Herman, J Mrs 48 2nd

Herman, A Miss 24 2nd

Herman, K Miss 24 2nd

Kelly, F Mrs 45 2nd

Lines, E L Mrs 50 1st

Lines, M C Miss 16 1st

McGough, J Mr 25 Deck

Niskonen, J Mr 39 3rd

Padron Manant, J Mr 26 2nd Chauffeur

Pallas y Castello, E Mr 29 2nd

Peters, W C Mr 26 Deck

Pickard, B Mr 32 2nd

Pinsky, R Mrs 32 2nd

Reynaldo, E Ms 28 2nd

Romaine, C H Mr 45 1st

Sargesser, E Mlle 24 1st P Maid

Smith, M E Miss 30 2nd

Strand n, J N Mr 31 3rd ?

Thresher, G T Mr 25 Stoker

Toomey, E M Miss 48 2nd

Trout, J L Mrs 26 2nd

Watt, E I Mrs 40 2nd

Watt, R J Miss 12 2nd

Wilhelms, C Mr 32 2nd

Wright, M Miss 26 2nd

Wynn, W Mr 41 Deck Qmstr

Lifeboat 10

Abelson, Mrs 28 2nd

Andrews, K T Miss 62 1st

Ball, A E Mrs 36 2nd

Buley, E J Mr 27 Deck

Dean, E G Mrs 32 3rd

Dean, B V Mast 1 3rd

Dean, E G Miss 2m 3rd

Drew, L T Mrs 34 2nd

Drew, M B Mast 8 2nd

Evans, F O Mr 27 Deck

Fortune, A E Miss 24 1st

Fortune, E F Miss 28 1st

Fortune, M Mrs 60 1st

Fortune, M H Miss 23 1st

Hogeboom, A L Mrs 51 1st

Hold, A M Mrs 29 2nd

Hosono, M Mr 41 2nd

Keane, N A Miss 46 2nd

Krekorian, N Mr 25 3rd

Longley, G F Miss 21 1st

Lundin, O E Miss 23 2nd

Mallet, A M Miss 24 2nd ?

Mallet, A C Mast 1 2nd

Marvin, M G C Mrs 18 1st

Sinkkonen. A Miss 30 2nd

Thorneycroft, F K Mrs 32 3rd

Ware, F L Mrs 31 2nd

Weisz, M F Mrs 37 2nd

West, A M Mrs 33 2nd

West, C M Miss 4 2nd

West, B J Miss 10m 2nd

Lifeboat 11

Allison, H T Mast 11m 1st

Angle, F A Mrs 36 2nd

Becker, N E Mrs 35 2nd

Becker, M L Miss 4 2nd

Becker, R F Mast 1 2nd

Brice, W T Mr 42 Deck

Brown, A M Miss 18 2nd

Cleaver, A C Miss 22 1st N Maid

De Mulder, T Mr 30 3rd

Del Carlo, A Mrs 24 2nd

Faulkner, W S Mr 37 Steward

Hanses, JL Mrs 45 3rd

Hardwick, R Mr 21 Porter

Harper, A J Miss 6 2nd

Humphreys, S J Mr 48 Deck

Hyland, L J Mr 19 Steward

Jerwan, M M Mrs 23 2nd

Leitch, J W Miss 31 2nd

MacKay, C D Mr 34 Steward

McMicken, A Mr 23 Steward

Mock, P E Mr 30 1st

Nye, E Mrs 29 2nd

Phillips, K F Miss 19 2nd

Quick, J Mrs 33 2nd

Quick, W V Miss 8 2nd

Quick, P M Miss 2 2nd

Robinson, A Mrs 40 Stewardess

Rosenbaum, E L Miss 34 1st Journalist

Sap, J Mr 21 3rd

Schabert, E Mrs 35 1st

Scheerlink, J Mr 29 3rd

Silvay, A Mrs 39 1st

Sincock, M Miss 20 2nd

Stap, S Mrs 46 Matron

Wheat, J T Mr 29 Steward

Wheeldon, E E Mr 29 Steward

Lifeboat 12

Bentham, L W Miss 19 2nd

Bryhl, D J I Miss 20 2nd

Christy, A F Mrs 45 2nd

Christy, R J Miss 25 2nd

Church, F Mr 34 Deck

Cohen, G Mr 18 3rd

Cribb, L M Miss 16 3rd

Duran y More, F Miss 30 2nd

Duran y More, A Miss 27 2nd

Garside, E Miss 34 2nd

Jacobsohn, A F C Mrs 24 2nd

Kantor, M Mrs 24 2nd

Lehmann, B Mrs 17 2nd

Parrish, L T Mrs 59 2nd

Phillips, A F L Mrs 21 2nd

Poingdestre, J T Mr 33 Deck

Rugg, E Miss 21 2nd

Shelley, I P Mrs 25 2nd

Webber, S Miss 37 2nd

Lifeboat 13

Aks, L Mrs 18 3rd

Aks, F P Mast 10m 3rd

Asplund, J C Mr 23 3rd

Barrett, F Mr 28 Fireman

Beane, E Mr 32 2nd

Beane, E Mrs 19 2nd

Beauchamp, G W Mr 24 Stoker

Becker, R Miss 12 2nd

Beesley, L Mr 34 2nd

Bradley, B D Miss 22 3rd

Buckley, D Mr 21 3rd

Caldwell, A F Mr 26 2nd

Caldwell, S M Mrs 26 2nd

Caldwell, A G Mast 10m 2nd

Connolly, K Miss 23 3rd

Davis, M Miss 28 2nd

De Messemacker, A Mrs 36 3rd

Dodge, W Dr 52 1st

Dowdell, E Miss 31 3rd

Emmanuel, V E Miss 5 3rd

Foo, C Mr 32 3rd

Glynn, M A Miss 19 3rd

Hewlett, M D Mrs 56 2nd

Hopkins, R J Mr 40 Deck

Johannesen, B J Mr 29 3rd

Karlsson, E G Mr 21 3rd

Landergren, A A Miss 22 3rd

Lee, R R Mr 41 Lookout

Madsen, F A Mr 24 3rd

McDermott, B D Miss 31 3rd

McGowan, A Miss 15 3rd

McGowan, M Miss 22 3rd

Nilsson, H J Miss 26 3rd

Nysten, A S Miss 22 3rd

O’Leary, H Miss 16 3rd

Olsen, A K Mast 9 3rd

Oxenham, P T Mr 22 2nd

Ray, F D Mr 32 Steward

Ridsdale, L Miss 50 2nd

Riordan, H Miss 18 3rd

Sandstrom, A C Mrs 24 3rd

Sandstrom, M R Miss 4 3rd

Sandstrom, B I Miss 1 3rd

Slayter, H M Miss 30 2nd

Smyth, J Miss 17 3rd

Svensson, J C Mr 14 3rd

Tenglin, G I Mr 25 3rd

Vartanian, D Mr 22 3rd

Vigott, P F Mr 32 Deck

Lifeboat 14

Brown, E C Mrs 40 2nd

Brown, E E Miss 15 2nd

Cameron. C A Miss 35 2nd

Clarke, A M Mrs 28 2nd

Collyer, C A Mrs 31 2nd

Collyer, M C Miss 8 2nd

Compton, M E Mrs 64 1st

Compton, S R Miss 39 1st

Cook, S Mrs 22 2nd

Davies, E A M Mrs 48 2nd

Davies, J M Mast 8 2nd

Harder, W Mr 39 Deck

Hart, E A Mrs 48 2nd

Hart, E M Miss 7 2nd

Lang, F Mr 32 3rd

Laroche, J M L Mrs 22 2nd

Laroche, S M A A Miss 3 2nd

Laroche, L Miss 1 2nd

Lenmore, A Mrs 34 2nd

Lowe, H G Mr 29 5th Officer

Mellinger, E A Mrs 41 2nd

Mellinger, M V Miss 13 2nd

Minahan, L E Mrs 37 1st

Minahan, D E Miss 33 1st

Moor, B Mrs 29 3rd

Moor, M Mast 7 3rd

Morris, F H Mr 28 Steward

Phillimore, H C W Mr 23 Steward

Portaluppi, E I G Mr 30 2nd

Ryan, E Mr 24 3rd

Scarron, J G Mr 33 Deck

Silvern, L K Miss 17 2nd

Thomas, T Mrs 16 3rd

Wallcroft, E Miss 36 2nd

Wells, D Mrs 29 2nd

Wells, J Miss 4 2nd

Wells, R L Mast 2 2nd

Williams, C E Mr 23 2nd

Lifeboat 15

Abrahamsson, A A J Mr 20 3rd

Albimona, L C Mr 26 3rd

Asplund, S A E Mrs 38 3rd

Asplund, L G Miss 5 3rd

Asplund, E R F Mast 3 3rd

Avery, J F Mr 22 Trimmer

Dahl, C E Mr 45 3rd

Daly, M M Miss 30 3rd

De Messemaeker Mr 36 3rd

Evans, A F Mr 24 Lookout

Finoli, L Mr 34 3rd

Hakkarainen, E M Mrs 24 3rd

Hannah, B Mr 27 3rd

Harris, G Mr 62 2nd

Hedman, O A Mr 27 3rd

Hirvonen, H E L Mrs 22 3rd

Hirvonen, H E Miss 2 3rd

Homer, H Mr 40 1st Gambler

Jal evac, I Mr 29 3rd

Johansson Palmquist, O Mr 26 3rd

Johnson, E W Mrs 26 3rd

Johnson, H T Mast 4 3rd

Johnson, E I Miss 1 3rd

Jonsson, C Mr 25 3rd

Jussila, E Mr 32 3rd

Karun, F Mr 39 3rd ?

Karun, M Miss 4 3rd

Lindqvist, E W Mr 20 3rd

Lulic, N Mr 29 3rd

Lundstrom, T E Mr 32 3rd

Madigan, M Miss 21 3rd

Mamee, H Mr 20 3rd

McCarthy, C Miss 24 3rd

Midtsi, K A Mr 21 3rd

Mulvihill, B E Miss 25 3rd

Persson, E U Mr 25 3rd

Stewart, J Mr 27 Steward

Sundman, J J Mr 44 3rd

Thomas, B J Mr 32 Steward

Toms, F A Mr 31 Steward

Tornquist, W H Mr 25 3rd

Turja, A S Miss 18 3rd

Turkula, H Mrs 63 3rd

Lifeboat 16

Abelseth, K Miss 16 3rd

Andersen-Jenson CCN Miss 19 3rd

Andrews, C E Mr 19 Steward

Archer, E E Mr 36 Deck

Bailey, J H Mr 43 Deck

Corr, H Miss 16 3rd

Davison, M E Mrs 34 3rd

Dyker, A E J Mrs 22 3rd

Forward, J Mr 27 Deck

Gilnagh, M K Miss 17 3rd

Healy, H Miss 29 3rd

Jessop, V Miss 24 Stewardess

Kelly, A K Miss 20 3rd

Mannion, M Miss 28 3rd

Marsden, E Miss 28 Stewardess

McCoy, A Miss 29 3rd

McCoy, B Mr 24 3rd

Mockler, E M Miss 23 3rd

Moran, B B Miss 28 3rd

Mullen, K Miss 21 3rd

Murphy, C Miss 18 3rd

Murphy, N Miss 34 3rd

Murphy, M J Miss 25 3rd

Pelham, G Mr 39 Trimmer

Roberts, M Mrs 31 Stewardess

Silvern, L K Miss 17 2nd

Sj blom, A S Miss 18 3rd ?

Sloan, M Miss ?

Thomas/Tannons A A Mast 5m 3rd

Trout, E C Miss 27 2nd

Wilkes, E Mrs 47 3rd

Wilkinson, E A Mrs 35 2nd

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