Fun Facts of Those on the Titanic Look up and read their story in RMS Titanic Biographies ebook
Actress Gibson D
Alcoholics Dillon, Joughin, Williams
Anglo-Boer War soldiers Carr, Smith E
Aviator Marechel
Babies on board Aks, Allison, Caldwell, Cleaver, Jessop
Bibliophile Widener H
Black passenger/ passenger of colour Laroche
Britannic survivor Jessop
Captain’s Steward Paintin
Cavalryman Smith C
Centenarians Brown E, Troutt
Chief Baker Joughin
Chief Steward Latimer
Civil War fighters Gracie, Strauss
Con-men Brereton
Criticism of crew Anderson K, Brown M, Turja
Diamond – Real! Porter
Divorced Astor, Bishop, Carter
Doctors Frauenthal, Minalan, Moraweck, O’Loughlin, Simpson
Dogs (those traveling with a dog) Astor, Carter, Gee, Harper H, Hays, Rothschild, Williams R
Draughtsman Chisholm
Dressed up …to die Guggenheim
Engineers Bell, Farquharson
False names (passengers registered under) Brereton, Duff-Gordon, Navratil, Rosenbaum, Rosenshine,   Wennerström
Filming Marvin
Finns Panula, Turja
First on Carpathia Allen
First conceived Baclini
First survivor to die Maria Nackid
Freemasons Bateman, Molson
French Malachard, Marechal, Laroche, Chevre
Gamblers Brereton, Yates
Guarantee group Andrews, Chisholm, Parr
Gymnasium instructor McCawley
Honeymooners (13) Astor, Beane, Bishop, Bourke, Chapman, Dick, Frauenthal, Harder, Marvin McNamee, Penasco, Smith L, Snyder.
Icebergs Harper H, Woody
Injured during escape Behr, Bride, Stengel
Italian Resistance Gibson D
Japanese Hosono
Jewish Cohen, Guggenheim, Rosenbaum, Straus
Kidnapped Navratil, Sutehall
Last American survivor Asplund L, Drew, M.
Last living to travel on the Olympic and Titanic Drew, M.
Last to get on Carpathia Lightoller
Last male survivor Drew, M.
Latest living Dean M, West B
Locked in Chaudanson, Williams
Lookouts Fleet, Hogg, Lee, Rowe, Symons
Macy’s owner (department store) Straus
Masons See Freemasons
Medals Brown M, Carr, Lightoller, Pitman, Rostron, Smith EJ, Williams R
Millionaires Astor, Guggenheim, Hays, Rothschild, Straus, Widener
Ministers Bateman, Byles, Harper, Kirkland, Peruschitz
Mistresses Aubart, Thorne, Molson
Movies Gibson, Marvin
Musicians Hartley, Sutehall
Names – See False ..
Newlyweds Astor, Bishop, Frauenthal, Greenfield, Harder, Marvin, McNamee, Penasco, Snyders, Yasbeck
Nurses Jessop, Endres
Captain/Master Edward J Smith
Chief Officer Henry Wilde
1st Officer William Murdoch
2nd Officer Charles Lightoller
3rd Officer Herbert Pitman
4th Officer Joseph Boxall
5th Officer Harold Lowe
6th Officer James Moody
Olympics Duff-Gordon, Williams R,
Photographs Harper , Lily Odell
Pipers Daly, Farrell
Postmaster Woody
Pregnant women Astor, Bishop, Laroche, Paintin, West
Premonitions Gracie, Hart, McDermott, Rosenbaum
President’s aide Butt
Psychic Gracie Stead
Pursers McElroy, Baker
Quartermasters Hichens, Oliver, Perkins, Wynn
Radio operators See Telegraphists
Returned to the ship Bourke, Chapman, Evans, West,
Rough Rider Butt
Sculptor Chevré
Secretaries Francatelli, Harrison
Shipbuilder Andrews
Shipowner Ismay
Shipwrecks – previous Harper H, Lightoller, Molson
Shipwrecks – later Jessop, Lightoller, Roberts
Singer Aubart
South African Brown E
Sports Instructor Wright
Suicides later Brereton, Dodge, Frauenthal, Rush
Surnames – later Ruth Becker/Blanchard, Edith Brown/Haisman
Survivors marrying Behr/Newsom
Survivors who died on 15/4 Selma Asplund, Meier Moor and Bertha Moran.
Swedish Lindeberg, Lindstrom, Wennerström
Tallest Titanic headstone McCrae
Telegraphists Bride, Phillips
Tennis players Behr, Williams R
Titanic breaking in half Anderson K, Frolicher, Thayer
Torpedoed later Roberts
Toys Rosenbaum, Spedden
Unknown child Panula
Unknown passenger O’Doherty
Wireless operators See Telegraphists
World War I Brown M, Lightoller, Rosenbaum, Williams
World War II Gibson, Lightoller
Women’s clothes! Sloper
Writers Candee, Futrelle, Gracie, Rosenbaum, Stead
Youngest survivor Dean E (2 months)

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