Titanic Facts


There are many stories of heroism on the Titanic and that unfortunate night however the best stories that have emerged are those of fame, fortune, affairs, cons and scandals.  Read all the facts we have collated over the years of who was who and who did what!

The Titanic is the most famous shipwreck of all time. While it did not have the most victims of all shipwrecks, it was the most traumatic event occurring between the Edwardian era and the Great War. The world was never the same afterwards.

The glossary gives insights into the personalities of the passengers and crew, many of whom perished in the icy waters. Aspects such as who were Australians, airmen, olympians, movie stars, millionaires, dog owners, etc, makes it easyto find the individuals and read up on their lives.   We read of stewardesses – one locked into a cabin by mistake as the ship sank and another who survived to almost die in a ship sinking in the First World War.

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